Thursday, December 11, 2008

Babysitting Kennabean!

So on Wednesday we got to baysit Kennabean ALL day! We had a good time. First we read books!

Then we took a very short nap with our glow worm!

Next we shared her chair and Hannah found an outfit to match her!

But Mostly we just wanted to be snuggled!

Friday, December 5, 2008

I am Playing

8 Resturants I enjoy
1. carrabas
2. Popo's
3. PF Changs
4. Red Lobster
5. Macayos
6. Black Angus
7. Chili's

8 Things that Happened yesterday
1. Slet "in" until 0730
2. Spent way too much at target on Christmas stuff
3. Spent way too much at Mervyns
4. Half ate breakfast with My moomy.. both had dental work and sore mouths!
5. Watched Alyssa cheer two games back to back!
6. Listened to my son have a melt down
7. picked up my house
8. Put up the 2nd Christmas tree at my house!

8 Things I am looking foward too
1. Sleeping tonight!
2. Hannah's dance tomorrow at the Holly Jolly Festival
3. Christmas!!!!!
4. Sleeping in on Sunday snuggled up to my hubby!
5. Biggest Loser Finale
6. Taking family pictures on Sunday
7. Baby sitting Kenna on Wed all day!!!
8. getting off work

8 things on my wish list
1. A happy and peaceful Christmas
2. My body back
3. to be under 200lbs
4. To be debt free
5. More patience
6. To buy my house
7. A new car
8. A breat 2009!

I am not tagging anyone!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So sorry but My brand new camera is offically nto working so I have no pictures at this time to post but I will update this post tomorrow with pictures!

Hannah's teacher called me on Friday to let me know that she would be recieving Soaring Eagle for October/November for her class! She went on and on about how Hannah is so smart and one of sweetest best behaved kids she had. I did have to take a step back and make sure she was talking about my child! LOL Of course it was my Hannah! All my kids behave so well for other people! All the teachers rave about our kids and how good they are and what great helpers they are! I think they use up all their "great" energy at school and come home and take it all out on me! HAHA! I can't complain. They are all great kids, they all get good grades, they all are helpful and caring but I would just once love to hear "Yes Mommy we will pick up our stuff, NO PROBLEM!" Insted I hear, "It's not my mess, I didn't do it! What does sissy have to do?, I will in a minute." Ect Ect! I know it is a normal kid thing but sometimes I just want to tell them, "I am not paying the bills It is MY MONEY I worked for it. I am not doing the Laundry it is not my mess. I dont want to clean the toilet I don't use it..... ECT. Ect."

So Anyways, Hannah did get Soaring Eagle (student of the month) and she was so darn cute up there! She even gave her brother her snack from school becasue he wanted a "fwooot whoa up" (aka fruit roll up)! Grammy took her out and got her some new High School Musical High tops and new Ballet slippers. She looked so cute after dance with her leotard on and high tops!


Sunday, November 9, 2008

My SUPER husband Duane

My husband is an awesome man! He is such a help to me and I have no idea how I ever thought I could do it without him. We met in HIGHSCHOOL and HE fell in love! LOL We were awesome friends and after 3 years I decided I should give him a try and we started dating. I fell in love with him and his unconditional acceptance of me and who I was. He didn't care if my make-up was done, if I won a race, if I got a "best time", or even if I was popular or not (But I sure did). We were together constantly the summer between Jr. and Sr. year and had a great time. When we went back to school I fell into the old "POPULAR" trap and than found out we were preganant. WHOA!!! BRAKES!! STOP RIGHT THERE! THE REST OF MY LIFE??? I wasn't sure what I wanted for lunch let alone for the rest of my life, and you do know that it was all HIS fault that I was preganant and 17!! So anyways we broke up and I moved on and we still kept in contact through our twins (HE had them every Wednesday night and Sunday and his mom babysat for me to continue my college education). We saw eachother all the time and even hung out a few times with my boyfriend and his friends. The older the girls got the more I saw him and how much of a good Daddy he was. He did love them as much as me. He did work hard and provided for them as best as he could. We decided to give it another try when the girls were two and were married two years later. We have now been married for 8 1/2 years and we have normal ups and downs but He is the best. He helps with the house, does more laundry and cleaning than me and when the kids wake up in the middle of night he is the one they snuggle up with. He is my PRINCE CHARMING and I love him with all that I am!

My first born Mikayla

This is my first born baby Mikayla and even she is only 16 minutes older than her twin sister. She is very tender hearted and wears her heart on her sleeve. She is the kid who always looks out for the underdog and special people. Last year for valentines day she actually chose one of the special needs kids to be her valentine and brought him chocolates and a card. SHe is very sweet. She is the protector of her sister and is always looking out for her family. This year was Hannah's first year in school and first time ever to be left without mommy, daddy or NANA around and she had a rough time. The second week of school the girls had to get her ready and take her to school and when Hannah started crying they did too so they all went to class crying that day. Mikayla is also a goofball and has the same laugh as me (sorry kid) so when she laughs everyone else does too. She is an avid reader and read the whole Twilight series in 5 days. She is amazing!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

"BUBBY" Duane Jr.

This would be my son. Everyone always told me boys were so much different to raise than girls but I really didn't expect them to be so different. He cracks me up! HE is so funny as you can see. He is a constant ball of motion and always falling but gets up and dusts himself off. He is a lover of skateboarding and constanly skateboards with his "buddies" who are his older sister's 13 year old friends! He is at that stage now where he does not want naps anymore so he goes and goes until he crashes wherever he lands for longer than 5 minutes. I love my rough and tumble little man!!!


Hannah is a special girl. She definately is the middle child at our house and always thinks everyone is so mean to her! We went to the farm for a fieldtrip on Halloween and had a great time. She is the little blonde on the right. She is definately a princess. She is dancing two nights a week now and begging for more classes. She is one of the best cartwheelers in her class and her arms are getting so many muscles. She always wants everyone to feel them. I see her on her head more than standing lately! She is a very sweet and loving girl...until you make her mad than watch out! She has already been named student of the month at achool and loves kindergarten. I think it is amazing that she went to school not knowing hardly any letter sounds and now almost knows how to read. Whereever we go she is ssounding out words she sees! She is Amazing!




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